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Regardless of the type of book you wish to write, you will easily find a design that will fit your style. HugoTM offers a wide selection of formats designed to help you create beautiful digital books in a few clicks. Each theme includes a set of colors, fonts and styles that were carefully preselected by professionals to ensure an elegant and professional layout.

Streamlined interface

HugoTM has a user-friendly and intuitive interface designed for writer. HugoTM has easy to use features that will ensure a high level quality.


Add chapters in your document to ensure structure and ease of reading. The chapters can be moved, divided or merged at any time.

Table of contents

Create a table of 'clickable' contents to navigate easily within your document. The table of contents is automatically generated when you apply a style of your chapter titles.


Apply different formatting options to highlight your text, or choose from predefined styles for a structured layout.


Import images into your document to illustrate the content. Then determine their size, alignment and trim to perfectly match to your text.


Easily add endnotes to chapter to provide clarification and additional information. As links, notes can be viewed or modified by a single click.

Uploading, sharing and publishing

With HugoTM your eBook belongs exclusively to you. You decide the ‘when and how’ of publication. HugoTM offers only the best tools of digital publication.

Publishing your work

Thanks to the ePub format, your eBook will meet the standards of The International Digital Publishing Forum ( IDPF ). This will make it compatible for distribution on all platforms, including Apple’s iBooks, Amazon’s Kindle, Nook, Google Play and many more.

Uploading your book

When your book is finished, HugoTM offers an uploading possibility. Your final work takes the form of a digital file with an ePub format.

The universal ePub format allows your digital book to adapt to any screen sizes.

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An accessible product

Hugo incorporates several universal accessibility features that will allow all your readers to access the contents of your E-book, regardless of their physical or technological limitations.
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