You can find all of your books in the library.

  1. Option 1: Click on the name of a document.
  2. Option 2: Click on the “pen” action icon.
  1. Click on the “Import an ePub” button.
  2. Select an electronic publishing with the format “.ePub” on your computer.
  3. Click on “Open”.
  4. The file will be added to your library.
  1. Click on the “Information” hyperlink under the “metadata” section of your library.
  2. In the dialogue box, you can edit the following items:
    • Title
    • Language
    • Description
    • Author(s)
    • Identifiers (ISBN and UUID)
    • Custom metadata. For example, you add a credit to the photographer who contributed to the development.
  3. Once the information is confirmed, click on the “Save” button to apply the changes.
  1. Place your mouse on the “Search” field located on the left of the magnifying glass.
  2. Search by date by entering the year, month, and day (i.e. 2016-03-23).
  3. Search by name.
  4. To perform a search, click on the magnifying glass.

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